UX Bacon

“Do good work and share it with people.” - Austin Kleon

Side projects have always been a way for me to express my creativity and learn new things.

In an effort to share what I've learned, I created a Youtube channel: UX Bacon that explores UX design, accessibility, design systems, and a wide variety of topics. While working in government contracting, accessibility has always at the forefront of my design decisions. We want to make sure that the products we build can be used by all. I plan on furthering my research into the subject and sharing it online.

ADHD Task App

My latest project, a work in progress, is a task management app for people with ADHD. Once I have the minimum viable product mocked up, I'll begin testing with a group of wonderful ADHD volunteers.

To keep myself accountable, I'm posting the design process, day by day, on Youtube.

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